About Bakers Drugs

Bakers Drugs was established in Saint Albans in 2014, providing community care to patients to all 5 boroughs and Long Island. Our mission is to provide quality, personal care to all our members to help improve patient wellness. We strive to adapt to our patients needs while working to manage overall health.

About Bakers Drugs & Surgical

Bakers Drugs & Surgical was established in Elmont in 2022, with the goal to expand our services into Long Island. Our mission is better the health of our communities by providing services that improve quality of life. We pride ourselves on putting our patients health and wellness ahead of all things.

About Dr. Khaled Ali

Dr. Khaled Ali is a native New Yorker who graduated in 2012 from St. Johns University’s accelerated Pharm D. program in Queens, New York. He has been serving the community setting ever since, connecting with patients and providers on a personal level.

Dr. Khaled Ali has completed extensive training in Medication-Therapy-Management (MTM) as well as being a HIV certified pharmacist.

About Dr. Christine Cheung

Dr. Christine Cheung graduated from St. John’s University in 2016. She strives to be a pharmacist that not only provides excellent service, but also creates real relationships with her patients.

About Our Team

Our team is knowledgeable and ready to serve. We strive to make sure each patient feels like family, working to provide the support our patients health and wellness.

Our Reviews

Great location. Tons of parking. Free fast deliveries. Staff is very inviting and helpful and Pharmacists go above and beyond to help me out.

thumb Hisham Dola

They are very reliable and they're courteous and friendly

thumb Theresa Maske

Great Service..very friendly & lowest prices highly recommend...Love that delivery option so I never have to worry about getting my medications and must important they are open 7 days a week! AMAZING ...

thumb nancy tacoaman

This pharmacy is amazing... i use to send my prescription to another close pharmacy who could never get it right out of frustration i sent My script to Bakers drugs best choice I could have ever made polite friendly professional and never LAZY they are a huge staple in the community that will be known for years to come and I hope one day to see Bakers drugs in many different boroughs and states....., amazing service.

thumb h Lauren Ashley Hooks

I love bakers Drugs pharmacy!! They have been mine and my husbands pharmacy for numerous years now. The pharmacists are very knowledgeable and are professionals. The staff is courteous, always willing to help and they deliver !! Thank you Bakers Drugs for doing what you do so well !!! Mrs. B

thumb Myrna Bordonado

Best pharmacy in the tri-state beautiful staff very cooperative very friendly no complaints

thumb Andrew Codrington

The very best young people,I have ever met: 1. Intelligent 2.Professionsl; 3. Courteous. Nothing but good ,to say about every one of them .

thumb Ali Sadiq

Bakers Drugs-Pharmacy is an excellent example of caring, professionalism, compassion and neighborly service. We've been dealing with Bakers Pharmacy about 4 years or so. It's amazing when you walk through the door the KNOW you and actually REMEMBER your medication profile without looking on the computer! The details they remember about my mother's medications is astonishing. I remember my Dad a senior citizen a few years ago didn't understand why he was charged for a medication delivered to their home, well Bakers Pharmacy came back to my parents' home sat at the kitchen table and went over the bill! The delivery process remains excellent even during Covid19! I called for Dayquil, eye drops, Pediolyte and even a bulb syringe and the delivered without a problem. I can't say enough about the caring staff and their skill and expertise. I hope they continue the awesome work they are doing! Thank you!!!!

thumb Diva G RebornsXOXO